Who We Are

Science by Nature is a collaboration among environmental education providers serving the San Francisco Bay Area. Administered by the Environmental Volunteers, this site makes it easy for teachers to access engaging, hands-on natural science programs for their classrooms and field trips, in one online location.

Educators know that students learn best when presented a concept multiple times and in different forms. The partner organizations on Science by Nature collaborate to deliver programs that support each other and provide integrated themes, vocabulary, and content, all aligned to California State curricular standards.

Participating in Science by Nature

Teachers can create an account and search for local educational programs from a list of local providers that offer students a variety of science experiences. The Science by Nature website allows teachers to directly connect to education programs from one, easy to access online location. Teachers can customize their own program packages from Science by Nature that fits the individual needs and schedule of each classroom. The site allows teachers to search and filter programs by grade level, subject, or relevance to your curriculum and lesson plan.

Providers service teachers and schools in the Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties, among others in the SF Bay Area. Providers must be a 501(c)(3) and offer science programming that is aligned to California State curricular standards. The Science by Nature collaboration meets locally in the Santa Clara County area for planning meetings and collaboration efforts. Providers are expected to coordinate with other Providers in the Science by Nature collaboration in order to reinforce vocabulary and science learning.

For more information about The Environmental Volunteers, Science by Nature, or potential Provider inquires, please use our Contact Us form