Program: Farm and Wilderness Exploration

Animal Biology, Ecology, Living With Our Environment, Nature Walk, Water Science
Designed for grade levels 2-6, this highly adaptable program can be tailored to any number of specific science standards at your request. This full-day field trip to our organic farm and wilderness preserve introduces students to plant and animal needs in a personal way as students become acquainted with, and help to take care of, our garden plants and five types of farm animals. Approximately half of the day is spent in the wilderness, where fundamental science concepts such as adaptations, predator/prey relationships, erosion/deposition, the water cycle, food webs, and more are not just taught, but experienced in highly memorable ways. Kids do not forget a day spent at Hidden Villa!
Field Trip
5 hours
Fee Description
$19/person September - February $21/person March - May $125/class for required Classroom Visit. (For schools outside Santa Clara, San Mateo, or San Francisco there is an addtional $25 fee)
2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade
Life Science - 4-2, Life Science - 4-2a, Life Science - 4-2b, Life Science - 4-2c, Life Science - 4-3, Life Science - 4-3a, Life Science - 4-3b, Life Science - 4-3c, Life Science - 4-3d, Life Science - 5-2a, Life Science - 5-2c, Life Science - 5-2e, Life Science - 5-2f, Life Science - 5-2g
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