Program: Baylands Ecology

Baylands Ecology
The San Francisco Bay is quite literally at the center of our local environment. Being almost entirely surrounded by land, the Bay is technically an estuary where fresh water from nearly 40% of our state runs off and mixes with salt water from the Pacific Ocean.

Students will learn about how animals and plants have adapted to live in this salty environment. For example, they will explore shore birds' varied bill shapes and how the endangered Salt Harvest Mouse makes its home within its food source - pickleweed.

The program is available for grades 1 and up. The selection of learning stations will focus the program to the appropriate age group.
Field Trip, In-Class
90 hours
Fee Description
2014-15 Fees: Class Size: <24: $200 (in-class presentation), $325 (in-class presentation + field trip) 25-32: $220 (in-class presentation), $355 (in-class presentation + field trip)
1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade
Life Science - 1-2, Life Science - 3-3, Life Science - 4-2, Life Science - 4-3
Areas of Service
Santa Clara & San Mateo Counties

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