Program: Animal Groups

Adaptations, Animal Biology, Birds/Ornithology, Ecology, Insects, Spiders and Arthropods, Living With Our Environment
Do all mammals have fur? What is an exoskeleton? Discover the characteristics that define animal groups. Programs may include any combination of mammal, bird, reptile, and insect groups.
Field Trip, In-Class
0.83 hours
Fee Description
$140 for first program, $125 for each additional program 10% discount on programs booked for September, November, December & January
2nd Grade, 3rd Grade
Life Science - 2-2, Life Science - 2-2a, Life Science - 2-2b, Life Science - 2-2c, Life Science - 3-3, Life Science - 3-3a, Life Science - 3-3b
Areas of Service
Greater San Jose area, within an hour's drive
Other Info
Meet up 3-4 live animals
Touch the touchable animals
Up to 35 people, children and adults included in the total
50 minutes long

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