Program: Foothills Ecology

Foothills Ecology
California is often known for its earthquakes, and all of that movement has created the amazing foothills that surround the Bay Area. Each set of hills is unique, some covered with majestic redwoods, some with mixed woodland forests, and others with golden grasslands.

Students will learn about the variety of habitats that can be found in the California foothills from grasslands to redwood forests. They will learn about all of the animals that live in these environments and how they interact with each other, including the banana slug, the dusky footed woodrat and the acorn woodpecker.

The program is available for grades 1 and up. The selection of learning stations will focus the program to the appropriate age group.
Field Trip, In-Class
1.5 hours
Fee Description
2014-15 Fees: Class Size: <24: $200 (in-class presentation), $325 (in-class presentation + field trip) 25-32: $220 (in-class presentation), $355 (in-class presentation + field trip)
1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade
Physical Science - 1-1
Areas of Service
Santa Clara & San Mateo Counties

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