Program: Earthquake Geology

Earthquakes/Plate Tectonics
California, sitting on top of the famous San Andreas Fault, is constantly subjected to earthquakes of any size. As a result, our state is geologically diverse ranging from the granite Sierras to the sediment creating our fertile farmland.

Students will learn about the structure and formation of plates, how they are moving to create earthquakes, and the movement of material through the rock cycle giving each rock unique properties.

The program is available for grades 4 and up. It directly aligns with many of the science standards for 4th and 6th grade.
Field Trip, In-Class
1.5 hours
Fee Description
2013-14 Fees: Class Size: <24: $200 (in-class presentation), $325 (in-class presentation + field trip) 25-32: $220 (in-class presentation), $355 (in-class presentation + field trip)
4th Grade, 6th Grade
Physical Science - 1-1a
Areas of Service
Santa Clara & San Mateo County

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