Program: Early California Indian Life

Early California Indians/Ohlone
We can learn so much from the way Native Americans interacted with the environment. While they depended entirely on the resources of their environment, they also believed they must use these resources respectfully such that it would be equally available to their descendants seven generations later.

Students will explore how the Early California Indians lived gently on the planet while they were hunting, gathering food like acorns, making tools, twisting grasses for everything from twine to boats, and even playing games.

The program is available for grades 3 and up. It directly aligns with many of the history standards in 3rd and 4th grade.
1.5 hours
Fee Description
2014-15 Fees: Class Size: <24: $200 (in-class presentation) 25-32: $220 (in-class presentation)
3rd Grade, 4th Grade
Physical Science - 1-1
Areas of Service
Santa Clara & San Mateo Counties

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