Program: Energy & Natural Resources

Carbon Cycle, Electricity, Energy/Natural Resources
Our environment provides us with all of the resources we need, but do we use them in a sustainable way? This is a broad question that touches our lives in a variety of ways. We have two unique programs that align directly to the 4th and 5th grade science standards.

The fourth grade program will focus on electricity. Students will explore how we generate electricity and

learn that unwanted heat, light, or motion is an inefficient use of electricity. They will learn to evaluate the trade-offs of different forms of electricity generation and they will simulate building their own town with a balanced level of electricity supply and demand.

This program aligns directly to 4th grade science standard 1.g and relates to all of science standard 1.

The fifth grade program will look at global climate change within the context of the carbon cycle. Students will discover how human activity alters the carbon cycle and the greenhouse effect. They will look at the impact of the choices they make in their daily lives on the environment around them. By the end, students will know a number of ways they can reduce their impact and be stewards of our planet.
1.5 hours
Fee Description
2016-17 Fee Information Class Sizes: <24: $235 in-class presentation, $360 in-class presentation + field trip 25-32: $255 in-class presentation, $380 in-class presentation + field trip >32: Must be split into two classes and each charged at the <24 rate.
4th Grade, 5th Grade
Physical Science - 1-1a
Areas of Service
Santa Clara & San Mateo counties

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