Program: Planting Trees is Fun

Living With Our Environment, Plant Biology/Botany
The ultimate lesson in positive action leading to positive results: at the end of this class each child can say “I planted a tree.”

Through stimulating indoor and outdoor lessons, ‘Planting Trees is Fun’ gives students a holistic perspective on trees. Building on the students’ knowledge about trees, Canopy instructors engage the children through learning stations focusing on roots, trunks, and leafy canopies. Immediately taking this knowledge outside, directly onto their school campus, the students plant their own school tree and learn what it needs to thrive.
1.25 hours
Fee Description
For PAUSD and neighboring districts: $500/classroom session. Prior coordination between Canopy and school district is required to select appropriate planting sites. For RCSD, contact Canopy at for more information.
Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade
Life Science - 3-3, Life Science - 3-3a, Life Science - 3-3c, Life Science - 4-3, Life Science - 4-3c, Life Science - 5-2, Life Science - 5-2f
Areas of Service
Palo Alto, East Palo Alto, and surrounding communities
Follow-on Lessons
Learning Objectives
Students will identify, describe, and name functions of the canopy, trunk, and roots.
Students will describe the importance of trees in their community, list some benefits that trees provide, and explain how people care for trees.
Key Vocabulary
Roots, Root Hairs, Structural Roots, Root Flare, Trunk, Cambium, Sapwood, Heartwood, Tree Rings, Bark, Branches, Leaves, Photosynthesis, Habitat, Fruit, Seed

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