Program: Incredible Interdependence in the Science and Sustainability Center

Adaptations, Animal Biology, Ecology, Energy/Natural Resources, Fresh Water Ecology, Living With Our Environment, Nature Walk, Water Science
Students will build plankton models and explore the aquatic ecosystem. They will find out how all living things, including humans, play an important part in the ecosystem and discover how we are all interconnected.
through a pond ecosystem study, and an up close look with microscopes.
Field Trip
3 hours
Fee Description
$12 per student, $10 per student if more than one grade at the same school attends in the same school year /$250 day minimum. Transportation funding may be available for qualified Title 1 schools.
3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade
Life Science - 3-3, Earth Science - 3-4, Investigation and Experimentation - 3-5, Life Science - 4-2, Earth Science - 4-4, Investigation and Experimentation - 4-6, Life Science - 5-2, Earth Science - 5-3, Investigation and Experimentation - 5-6
Areas of Service
No restrictions
Learning Objectives
Our curriculum supports California Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.
Other Info
The Abby Sobrato Science and Sustainability Center is a new facility at Walden West - Saratoga. Science programs accommodate groups of up to 90 students during day-long field trips that involve students in a unique blend of activities. Students rotate through three investigation stations where they explore the outdoors, participate in a hands-on inquiry based science lesson, and a sustainability-related lesson.

These activities complement teachers’ classroom lessons and are aligned to California Science and Common Core State Standards. Each lesson is lead by the Sustainability Center Coordinator, a team of highly experienced volunteers, and school-provided parents who guide students through each experience.

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