Program: Water, Shaping the Earth's Surface in the Science and Sustainability Center

Chemistry, Ecology, Energy/Natural Resources, Fresh Water Ecology, Global Climate Change, Living With Our Environment, Nature Walk, Water Science
Students will quench their thirst for knowledge through a series of educational games, hands-on water tests at the Walden West creek and/or pond and interaction with a 3-D watershed model.
Field Trip
3 hours
Fee Description
$12 per student, $10 per student if more than one grade at the same school attends in the same school year /$250 day minimum. Transportation funding may be available for qualified Title 1 schools.
6th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade
Earth Sciences - Plate Tectonics and Earth's Structure - 6-1, Earth Science - Shaping Earth's Surface - 6-2, Earth Science - Energy in the Earth System - 6-4, Earth Science - Resources - 6-6, Investigation and Experimentation - 6-7
Areas of Service
No restrictions
Learning Objectives
Our curriculum supports California Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.
Other Info
The Abby Sobrato Science and Sustainability Center is a new facility at Walden West - Saratoga. Science programs accommodate groups of up to 90 students during day-long field trips that involve students in a unique blend of activities. Students rotate through three investigation stations where they explore the outdoors, participate in a hands-on inquiry based science lesson, and a sustainability-related lesson.

These activities complement teachers’ classroom lessons and are aligned to California Science and Common Core State Standards. Each lesson is lead by the Sustainability Center Coordinator, a team of highly experienced volunteers, and school-provided parents who guide students through each experience.

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