Program: Under the Tree Book Reading

Ecology, Living With Our Environment, Plant Biology/Botany
A tree is the ultimate classroom: dappled light, fresh air and a breezy canopy bring to life a book-reading for young children.

Hands-on and interactive, Canopy’s ‘Under the Tree Book Reading’ builds on the students’ existing knowledge of trees. Seated under a mature school tree, a Canopy instructor reads ‘This Tree Counts!’ with the children, counting and discussing all the living creatures that live in the tree. Afterwards, children count and sort tree leaves, cones, acorns, and bark, and create a class graph, interpreting the findings in a class discussion.

In an alternative version, a Canopy instructor reads ‘Have You Seen Trees?’ with the children, exploring the visual and auditory sensations we experience through trees. With this fresh perspective, the children make their own observations about the trees they see and discuss why it's important to care for trees.
1 hours
Fee Description
For PAUSD and surrounding districts: $170/ classroom session. For RCSD, contact
Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade
Physical Science - 2-1a
Areas of Service
Palo Alto and surrounding communities

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