Program: Program: Spaces & Species: Exploring Natural Communities ~ Fall School Field Trips

Adaptations, Animal Biology, Ecology, Living With Our Environment, Nature Walk, Water Science
Spaces & Species is an innovative environmental science education field trip program offered at Skyline Ridge Preserve, and the Daniels Nature Center. In this unique setting, children have the opportunity to focus on the connections between themselves and their natural world, and begin to understand the importance and benefit of open space in their community.

Spaces: natural environments that provide homes for wildlife and places of special significance to people.

Species: all the different forms of life— mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, plants, insects, bacteria, and micro-organisms that inhabit the Earth.
Field Trip
4.5 hours
4th Grade, 5th Grade
Physical Science - 3-1a, Life Science - 3-3a, Life Science - 3-3b, Life Science - 3-3c, Life Science - 4-2a, Life Science - 4-2b, Life Science - 4-2c, Life Science - 4-3a, Life Science - 4-3b, Life Science - 4-3c, Earth Science - 5-3a, Earth Science - 5-3b, Earth Science - 5-3c, Earth Science - 5-3d
Areas of Service
Due to limited trip availability, this program is offered to schools that are located within the organization's boundaries.
Other Info
Field trips are designed for individual classes with a maximum of 32 students per trip.

Interested parties will be required to fill out a field trip request form that will be placed into a random lottery draw that will determine attendance.

Important Transportation Note: Transportation is not provided by the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District. A transportation assistance fund has been established for qualifying Title 1 or low-income schools where vehicle rental or parent assisted transportation is limited.
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This program does not have any openings at this time.