Program: Vida Verde

Adaptations, Animal Biology, Astronomy, Ecology, Forest Ecology, Living With Our Environment, Marine Ecology, Nature Walk, Plant Biology/Botany, Tidepooling
Each camping trip at Vida Verde is a three-day overnight, activity-packed experience which takes place at our 100-acre site and farm, and at nearby state parks and beaches. During these trips we enhance the students’ classroom learning by providing them with high-quality programs that address California state educational standards and a trip that is manageable and highly organized. To ensure that the students succeed, our programs are engaging, fun, eye-opening, and carefully tailored to provide clear expectations and structure. Throughout the program we focus on group process, personal responsibility, environmental awareness, healthy food choices, sustainability and conservation.

Our core programs are:

1. Goat Milking & Cheese Making: Students realize where milk actually comes from when they get up close with our goats! Each gets the chance to squeeze milk from a teat and make fresh cheese, all the while learning exciting facts about mammals, basic goat anatomy and terminology. The cycle of learning is complete when they enjoy their homemade cheese with dinner.

2. Nature Hike in the Redwoods: On an adventurous hike through the redwood forest in Sam McDonald County Park (minutes from Vida Verde's site), students meet a 1000 year-old tree, find evidence of the genius of nature's cycles, identify animal tracks, challenge themselves on a card-guided "alone hike", and learn to identify many native and invasive plants. We also introduce students to the wealth of local parks and open spaces, explaining to them that these places are theirs to enjoy.

3. Tidepool, Beach & Marsh Exploration: Near the exciting crashing waves of the Pacific, with harbor seals and cormorants watching from nearby rocks, campers go on guided explorations through coastal tide pools. They discover sea stars, rock crabs, mussels, barnacles, chitons, limpets, anemones, kelp, and much more! A hike through the nearby Pescadero Marsh includes bird watching, a visit to the famous "talking tree", and lessons in marsh and beach ecology.

4. Organic Farm Tour & Taste: Students visit Vida Verde's educational farm, where they meet a farmer and gain a deeper understanding of where their food comes from, and what it takes to produce it. We pull different veggies right out of the ground, taste them and let the learning take place in our mouths! Enough food is harvested for a delicious salad that they prepare for dinner that night.

The trip also includes cooking, eating and cleaning up as a class, teambuilding games, exercise, arts and crafts, a campfire, camping out in our magnificent teepees and more. Almost all of the activities are “first-time” experiences for most of the children served.
Field Trip
52 hours
4th Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade
Physical Science - 2-1g, Life Science - 2-2c, Life Science - 2-2e, Life Science - 2-2f, Life Science - 3-3a, Life Science - 3-3b, Life Science - 3-3c, California: A Changing State - 4.1, California: A Changing State - 4.2, Earth Science - 4-4b, Earth Science - 5-5a, Earth Science - 5-5b, Earth Science - 5-5c
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