Program: Trees in Our Urban Environment

Adaptations, Living With Our Environment, Urban/Backyard Ecology
Becoming guardians of the urban forest: high school students explore answers to local and global environmental issues.

Touching on both local and global perspectives, ‘Trees in Our Urban Environment’ illustrates the profound interdependence between humans and trees. Climate changes, deforestation, urbanization and natural disaster all affect individual tree species and the urban forest as a whole. Concepts of bio-diverse tree selection and the “Right Tree in the Right Place” illustrate the value of human roles in maintaining the urban forest. Examining their own campus trees, students explore their own ideas about ways to care for the urban forest.
1.5 hours
Fee Description
For PAUSD and neighboring districts: $250/classroom session.
9th Grade, 10th Grade, 11th Grade, 12th Grade
Investigation and Experimentation - 1-4a, Investigation and Experimentation - 1-4d
Areas of Service
Palo Alto, East Palo Alto, and surrounding communities
Learning Objectives
Students will discuss human impact on the environment, specifically to trees
Students will know that trees, like other organisms, have adapted over time or gone extinct
Students will make observations and assess the health of a tree
Key Vocabulary
Urban forest, Adaptation, Extinction, Species, Cultivar, Biodiversity, Monoculture, Root flare

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