Program: Habitats & Adaptations

Adaptations, Animal Biology, Living With Our Environment
In this look at local wildlife, we'll discuss basic needs and how adaptations for different animals make survival possible in a variety of habitats. Nest and bird specimens give students the chance for close comparisons and contrasts. A wildlife ambassador can also be incorporated into the program.
Field Trip, In-Class
1 hours
Fee Description
$100 for programs without a wildlife ambassador. $125 for programs with a wildlife ambassador. *Title 1 schools are exempt from program fees. *Community organizations with annual budgets below $350,000 may apply for scholarship by letter to:
1st Grade, 2nd Grade
Life Science - 1-2a, Life Science - 1-2b, Life Science - 1-2c, Life Science - 1-2d, Life Science - 2-2a, Life Science - 2-2c
Areas of Service
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