Program: Anatomical Adaptations / Bird Digestion Basics

Adaptations, Animal Biology, Birds/Ornithology
After a brief review, students take what they know about the human digestive system and compare it to that of birds. Discover how birds process food differently, and how their digestive tracts have adapted to the foods they eat. A wildlife ambassador can be incorporated into this program.
Field Trip, In-Class
1 hours
Fee Description
$100 for programs without a wildlife ambassador. $125 for programs with a wildlife ambassador. *Title 1 schools are exempt from program fees. *Community organizations with annual budgets below $350,000 may apply for scholarship by letter to:
5th Grade
Life Science - 5-2c
Areas of Service
No restrictions
Follow-on Lessons
Optional follow-up owl pellet dissection lab (to be scheduled for a separate day/time)

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