Program: Shoreside

Adaptations, Animal Biology, Baylands Ecology, Living With Our Environment
Students from Kindergarten on up love this 2-3 hour, hands-on program that takes place on our oyster shell beach, pier, and in the fully equipped Discovery Lab. The Shoreside Program offers a variety of "discovery-based" activities that are guaranteed to excite young students and challenge older ones. A basic program includes two to four stations from a choice of six: fish, benthic invertebrates, plankton, hydrology, sharks, and marine mammals. Students will use real oceanographic equipment during their stations to take a "mud grab" and find the invertebrates that live at the bottom of the bay, use a large beach net or "seine" to collect fish for examination or use a Van Dorn Bottle to collect samples of water to test. All programs close with an activity that examines our human connection with this important estuary.
Field Trip
3 hours
Fee Description
From $250 to $470 depending on size of group and number of stations. Additional sponsorship available for low-income schools.
Pre-K, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade, Special Ed. - Elementary - Lower grades, Special Ed. - Elementary - Upper grades
Life Science - 1-2, Earth Science - 1-3, Investigation and Experimentation - 1-4, Life Science - 2-2, Investigation and Experimentation - 2-4, Life Science - 3-3, Investigation and Experimentation - 3-5, Life Science - 4-2, Life Science - 4-3, Earth Science - 4-5, Investigation and Experimentation - 4-6, Life Science - 5-2, Earth Science - 5-3, Earth Science - 5-4, Investigation and Experimentation - 5-6, Physical Science - K-1a, Life Science - K-2a, Life Science - K-2c, Earth Science - K-3, Investigation and Experimentation - K-4
Areas of Service
No restrictions
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